Mindful Choices

A mindful awareness program for teachers to use with their students.

Our Mindful Choices program incorporates daily breathing exercises and weekly mini-lessons (for extended learning) that teachers can use with their students. Teachers can easily incorporate Mindful Choices by dedicating about 5 minutes a day.

We offer an orientation to those in the Philadelphia area.


“One particular day, the tension in the room between me and my students was really high…and I was not exactly a ray of sunshine. So mindfulness popped into my head and I had them all start off matching my breath and then we moved on to the ‘picture someone you love/someone you’re arguing with’ exercise. Once we finished, the classroom felt extremely peaceful and almost all of my students said they felt at peace with themselves and everyone in the room. They also commented on how much more relaxed I seemed!”
– Teacher, Vare-Washington School




“I feel this has made me feel much more focused as a teacher and I can already see changes in my students focus after breathing exercises.”  – Teacher, Wissahickon Charter School

“I was able to see correlations between mindfulness and academic success.”
– Teacher, Fitler Academics Plus School

“The mindfulness program was invaluable to me. Last year, I had a very challenging class and was eager to find a solution to help them focus, concentrate, and think about their actions more…This program has helped bridge the gap between what I’ve researched and what I can feasibly execute during our school day. Having the opportunity to practice freely without judgement and ask questions was also appreciated.”
– Teacher, General George A. McCall School

“It has helped me be more self-regulating in the classroom and take a step back and relax when tensions run high with students. It also has worked wonders with my Special Education kids at the end of each class to help them mentally prepare and process the close of one class and the start of another.”  – Teacher, Hardy Williams Academy Mastery Charter School

Program Impact


of teachers reported improvement in students' self-regulation


of teachers reported improvement in students' attention/focus


of teachers reported improvement in students' stress/anxiety management


of teachers reported improvement in their own self-regulation


of teachers reported improvement in their own impulse control


of teachers reported improvement in their own stress/anxiety management

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