Our mission is to help them make better ones.

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How I Decide equips youth with fundamental thinking skills and strategies to manage everyday habits, in-the-moment choices, and deliberate decisions throughout their lives.


Grades: 7-10

Decision Type: Habits

HabitWise helps students learn how to monitor their behavior and maintain the self-control they need to meet their goals.

GM Genius

Ages: 13-22

Decision Type: Deliberate

GM Genius is a fantasy football competition which includes lessons that teach key decision-making and critical thinking concepts.

Mindful Choices

Grades: K-12

Decision Type: In-The-Moment

Mindful Choices helps both students and educators be focused, calm, and self-aware so they can make better decisions in and out of school.

High School Explorer

Grades: 6-8

Decision Type: Deliberate

High School Explorer helps middle school students think effectively about the high school application process and other major decisions.

Burnout Blockers

For Teachers

Decision Type: Deliberate, In-The-Moment, Habits

Burnout Blockers helps teachers become more aware of how they plan class time, manage students’ behavior, and prioritize the behind-the-scenes work that keeps the classroom running effectively.

About Us

Founded in 2014, How I Decide is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Philadelphia.  Our team is composed of academics, educators, and business professionals, and our instructional content synthesizes insights from multiple disciplines ranging from mindfulness to neuroscience to the behavioral sciences.  We currently work with urban, disadvantaged communities in the Philadelphia area and we’ve reached approximately 3,000 students.  Our programs have also scaled globally in large part due to our online learning management system.

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